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Party Poker and its Bonus Code is the most popular and Reputed website in the world

Anyone who has played online poker will know that all gaming websites that play poker offer their new comers a welcome bonus which is a great incentive for all new players. But what sets the Party Poker website apart from all other sites is their unprecedented bonus code that provides the new player an opportunity of playing for free without having to enter the special bonus code before he starts playing. This is never a possibility at other sites and is one of the main reasons for the Party Poker site to be so popular with novices and professionals alike.
Party Poker being the number one online poker site in the world, it is believe that there are at least 1,000 members playing poker games at any given time. This is no surprise because the membership of the site is a massive 70,000 which keeps increasing in strength since the Party Poker Bonus Code was introduced to its members in 2001. The bonus code offered by the site has in no mean way increased the earnings of the players at this site which is a far cry from any other poker site found online today.

Another thing about Party Poker is they are not in it just for the revenue they earn which itself is considered to be awesome. Party Poker is also interested in the welfare of its members and is keen to see them learn everything about the various different Poker games that can be played on their site. This is why they offer some great software  that can be downloaded from their site by anyone at anytime to their computers in order to learn more about the variety of games and how to play them.
The software consists of learning videos where professionals can be seen playing live games while at the same time explaining the game to the viewer and showing him the tactics and tricks that are used to win. Anyone watching these videos over and over again will be able to master all the strategies and be able to use them when he starts playing for real. There are also many tips and guidelines as well as content and articles that can be gone through to get more knowledge.
Once on the site, any interested player can make use of the promotions and tournaments that are a regular feature of Party Poker Bonus code and those who’re on a higher level can always take part in tournaments that offer some fantastic prizes that go up to $1 million which is the weekly pool prize. Keep in mind however although newcomers are allowed to play with free chips and collect Party Poker Bonus Codes, they can only use them after they open a new account as a paying member and starts playing for cash.
This is one site that has earned the highest reputation among poker players around the world and anyone who becomes a member will never be disappointed or have any problems withdrawing their winnings or receiving their prizes because Party Poker stands by their word which has been proved thousand times over. So go ahead without fear and become a member at Party Poker and use their generous Bonus Code to set you on your way to great winnings.

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Basics of Party Poker and Learning to Play the Game

One of the biggest incentives for visiting the Party Poker site is the amazing Party Poker Bonus code they offer first time visitors. Can you simply imagine any other site offering a $100 bonus and not being required to provide a bonus code before they start playing? Similarly, there are many other chance offers to newcomers and seasoned players who can benefit by taking part in their competitions and tournaments that take place regularly. For those who are yet to learn the game, a tiny amount of $10 will help to start playing and learning all about poker and what the game entails.

Just like any other aim, everyone plays to win whether it’s for money or simply for the pleasure of playing against others who may be more skilled and experienced than you. At Party Poker they offer all the amenities not only to learn the game but also how to play against better opponents and beat them. There are so many tactics that can be used to beat your opponent and the winning strategies to use all of which can be learnt on this amazing website.

When you start playing Party Poker, the first thing you have to learn is the difference between the cards you should be and shouldn’t be playing. Most new players make the mistake of trying to play each and every hand they’re dealt hoping they will get lucky at some time or other. This is something you must stop at all costs because it will not work. How successful you will be also depends on your position (where you’re sitting) in relation to the dealer and many other basic strategies that must be learnt before you consider playing against anyone.

The dealer button however moves with each hand and even if you at first have what you would call a bad seat, don’t worry too much about it because your position will keep changing. Getting a seat to the right of the dealer places you in a good position because it provides with the opportunity to see what the other players are doing before you need to act. The worst seats are the two that is to the left of the dealer because they have to always act first which means they don’t get to see what the other players will do. Likewise every seat has a strategic place and when you start learning through the Party Poker website you will have a better idea of the status of each seat.

There are many other aspects of the game as well as different levels that can be played based on your knowledge and experience and being involved in “No Limit Hold’em” games are the most challenging and thrilling games to be played in view of the high stakes and greater profits you will receive if you manage to win. There are many other exciting games you can try your hand at and all of these can be played on the Party Poker website through the use of the Bonus Code which is the main reason why most people play their poker games on this site.

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Learning all about Party Poker it’s Bonus Code and other Strategies

Party Poker no doubt is the largest and most popular online gaming site in the world. The website is crammed with games, information and updates that anyone visiting it for the first time will not have to look anywhere else to get his daily dose of poker games.  While newbie’s can learn how to play by learning all the strategies, that are taught on this website,  more serious players can participate in tournaments, get to know about the special events, updated poker games, the fantastic bonus codes offered,  news and information any poker fan would love to have.

What is unique about the Party Poker website is its software which is constantly updated so that no one gets bored by playing their favorite games daily. Once you go through the website you will be surprised and pleased to see the variety of games that you can play and for those looking for particular games, there are filters that allow you to search for specific games, the stakes you can play for, and various other information you will not find at any other site.

Another great benefit at the website for those who play lots of games on a regular basis is the ability to track their statistics in order to get an idea how well or poorly they’re faring. For the more serious player, it will not be a place where he simply plays the game and forgets about it; at Party Poker he’s able to improve his game constantly while expanding his knowledge, learn from his mistakes and start winning competitions and tournaments that are a regular feature in this great website.

Although many are adapt at playing Poker, most are unaware of the tactics that can be used to turn an ordinary game into a super game.  Even  players who think they know everything   will suddenly come up against an opponent who will be able to wipe them out with a tactic that they never saw coming. In order to become an expert player in the top bracket, you cannot afford to stop learning because everyone will also be doing their best to learn the latest strategies in order to remain on top.

Once you start improving your game and move on to the higher levels you will be required to understand and learn the advanced concepts and tactics that will help you to put your opponents away with a single move that will stun them. There will come a time when you will have so many well planned strategies that you will know exactly which one to use to crush your opponents.  When playing for high stakes at Party Poker, you must be able to gauge what your rival is up to and at the slightest hint, you should be in a position to change your game plan and get on top of him making him wonder what hit him.

Psychology plays a big part in Party Poker and being able to read your opponent’s mind while controlling your emotions and giving no hint of what you propose to do will help no end in giving you the edge and knocking your opponent off balance. All these tactics however can be learnt only at the Party Poker website and if you’re serious about your game and becoming a master at it, your best option is to learn all about the Party Poker Bonus Code which will give you the start you need to become an expert at playing Poker.

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Your Regular Player’s Guide to Online Poker

If you know anything about poker you will know that like chess, it is a game of strategy, patience and skill.
It is all about the mind – how well you trust your instincts and how much you are prepared to take a risk. It is a game, which will test your mettle in the real world.
So without further ado, let us look at the general rules of poker.
In its simplest form, poker involves two or more players who have been dealt a set of five cards making a stake based on what they perceive as their relative positions, that is to say, chances of winning are.
You deal after you deposit either chips representing real money or chips representing a chance to re-enter the game. Dealing may be classified into:
‘Opening the round’, where you are simply the first one to begin betting, ‘fold’ where you do not consider your chances of winning to be particularly high, on assessment of the cards you have been dealt, ‘raise’ where you increase the chip or real money total, and is an aggressive strategy implying confidence on your part, or simply a bluff to create the illusion of confidence – a bold strategic move which may or may not pay off, ‘call’, where you propose to match a bet or raise.
You may decide to go ‘all in’ if you have no more real money or chips left to play with, and therefore even though you continue to hold your cards as though you are still participating in the game, you do not in fact win any money or chips from the rest of the game.
You may play poker with friends in your own home, but increasingly, poker is an online activity on popular sites such as party, where you can even win a bonus, which usually comes with a code. Thus a party poker bonus code may allow you free online access for a limited time period after which you may have to fund further entries or take up another offer-scheme.
The cards you are dealt (your ‘hand’) by the dealer will be identified by their ‘suit’ (of which there are 4 – all of which have the same value – club, spade, club, and heart) and their ‘rank’ of which there are 13: ranging from, in order of descending value, ace, king, queen, joker, numbers 10 down to 2. A hand will usually be one of the following combinations:
A ‘straight’, where you have all 5 cards of different ascending or descending rank, a ‘straight flush’ where all the cards are of the same suit, a ‘full house’ where 3 of the cards have the same rank and then 2 other ranks, a ‘four of a kind’, where 4 of the cards have the same rank and the other one is of a different rank, a ‘three of a kind’, where three of the cards have the same rank and the other two are of different ranks and a ‘pair’, where 2 of the cards are of the same rank and the other three are different.
The objective in poker is that after the rounds of betting, the player with the highest ranked card left (ideally an ace!) wins. ‘Going all in’ means that you have essentially played all your cards without achieving this goal, and effectively means you are out of this particular game.
There are different sorts of online poker games with different rewards and rules. Typically people go for a ‘sit and go’ or a tournament, including a multi table tournament where you can participate in more than one game at a time, or a cash game depending on their particular need at the time.
By starting slowly in the online poker world, you can easily build momentum and skill, being careful not to be at the losing end of games too often until you are skilled enough to take on the giants of the game. You can benefit by taking advantage of the party poker bonus code, which allows you the chance of a free offer as often as possible in your early career in the online poker world. This just helps you to slowly build up expertise without losing out.

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